How to keep your suits and jackets in good shape during the lockdown period?

Unfortunately, the Pandemic forced most of the professionals to work from home for over 15 months. During this period, suits were not used and sit in the wardrobe. During the lockdown, I will explain what is happening to your clothing, especially for your suit jacket. We need to know suit jacket construction and structure and […]

Why is online Shopping a worse option for suits, shirts and shoes?

Professionals should avoid online Shopping for their wardrobe, especially when buying suits, shirts and dress shoes. These products are dressy and form their style and consider the first investment professionals do for their wardrobe. They should fit perfectly, have quality fabrics, the best craftsmanship, and correct pattern and color can represent the wearer’s personality.  CONS […]

What you should know about men’s shoe constructions?

What you should know about men’s shoe constructions? Ferruccio Milanesi proudly using traditional “Goodyear Welted” construction synonymous with quality handmade shoes. This unique technique, invented by Charles Goodyear Jr, has been mastered for over 100 years. Welted construction gets its strength, durability and repair qualities by stitching the upper leather, insole leather and welt. This […]

Fashion designer vs sartorial designer suiting

  * FASHION DESIGNER SUITING. The majority of the Fashion Designer products are made in mass production by machine. We pay for the name, not the quality because machine-made suit construction is the cheapest and fastest construction that is not suitable for the professional’s wardrobe. The machine-stitch is lock-stitch and locking all layers of the […]