Ferruccio Milanesi Neapolitan crafted suits built to be lived in no matter the occasion. The simplicity, classic cut and Neapolitan craftsmanship make Ferruccio Milanesi garments unique. Entirely handcrafted suiting created a unique look and pleasant feeling for suit-wearers and derve them for last long. Ferruccio Milanesi jackets build with a light or no padding. This unique construction creates a soft and natural shoulder that forms the jacket to the wearer's body like a second skin. The top of the sleeve is crated larger than the armhole, achieving greater freedom of movement and jacket following the body line and forming a perfect silhouette. Jackets create in whole and half lining for a sport and classic look also climate purpose.



The dress shirt has a crucial role in Gentlemen's wardrobe. It is in direct contact with the skin and plays a suspension role between body and jacket movements. The sleeves are attached separately, and the armhole is cut small and high for better movement "unique armscye." To create a prime-quality and proper fit shirt that needs a quality fabric, an experienced tailor, and specific craftsmanship. One master tailor makes each shirt from the bottom to the top, and each shirt is unique with particular crafts and artisanal work.



Scarves always played the most significant role in luxury wardrobe, especially when they are made with high-quality Silk and Cashmere. Ferruccio Milanesi produces in-house highest quality Silk using the most sophisticated techniques and printing one-of-a-kind scarves for men. Ferruccio Milanesi's scarves are unique and offering bespoke and custom print and fabrics.


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We are dedicated to keeping the handcrafts tradition alive for those who appreciate handcrafted artisanal suiting and accessories. We are a big believer in the handmade sartorial tradition because the only way to deliver tangible value.

Ferruccio Milanesi's garments are made entirely by hand in their own Ateliers in Naples. Over 25,000 brilliant hand-stitches, one stitch at a time, forming the DNA of the Ferruccio Milanesi's unique suits. Each of these mastery-created suits takes over 50 hours, and one master-tailor does the work from beginning to the end with passion and love for the best outcome. Ferruccio Milanesi uses up to 11.2 micron and pure baby cashmere fabrics to realize the masterpiece products with a unique value.Ferruccio Milanesi master tailors are dedicated to performing absolute perfection to deliver tangible value for customers.

Ferruccio Milanesi's philosophy build on the exclusivity and uniqueness of clothing and accessories. We believe exclusive products increase confidence, confidence drives self-esteem, and self-esteem is essential for success.

The luxury experience is not to buy expensive products from the shelves or buy online so-called "designer" products, which made tons of the same products, and everyone has access to the same products. True luxury is when you see several experts creating unique products exclusively for you, beginning from meeting you, consulting, planning, designing, and crafting exclusive products. You will start to feel than the true luxury products and services.

Creating and identifying the authentic style of an individual is the most crucial step for creating a unique style, proper fit, and adequate wardrobe. After an in-depth consultation by Ferruccio Milanesi stylist, master tailor, and men's body shape expert, refine the individual's unique style considering individual's job, income, social life, and activity. Based on this collected information, Ferruccio Milanesi experts form a blueprint and pattern of the individuals that every single product has a clear plan behind every content for his wardrobe.

The big dilemma in our society needs special attention related to our style, outfit, and appearance. We all are different, with our personality, body shape, height, weight, body behaviours etc. Because we have too many differences, we can not wear the same clothing and accessories. We need to focus on first place to know ourselves well, identify our style, and build our unique wardrobe with one-of-a-kind clothing and accessories representing our personality. Ferruccio Milanesi helps you to create your best wardrobe and proper outfit with unique handcrafted products.

Proper fit is the most critical factor of the Gentlemen's wardrobe. Because we all have different body shapes and size is difficult to find the appropriate fit from ready-to-wear products. Ferruccio Milanesi, master tailor and men's body shape expert, creates your best possible fit with the most proper construction. Your unique bespoke pattern is building from scratch just for you.

Vincenzo Attolini created Neapolitan shoulder for the first time in Naples in 1930. He modified the English and French suit construction and adapted to the Naples claimed and Italian culture. It was the greatest invention in tailoring history. He named it soft shoulder or Neapolitan shoulder construction. Neapolitan shoulder jackets deliver free of movement and comfort for the wearer.Ferruccio Milanesi tailors not only using this construction for their bespoke suiting also implemented this future for an exclusive sartorial ready-to-wear. Neapolitan shoulder jackets are comfortable, lightweight and soft, with the unusual shape of the pockets and the very daring boat-shaped breast pocket and patch pocket and Milanese style buttonholes.

Fabrics options at Ferruccio Milanesi include rare material options like exclusive Vicuna touch wool, baby cashmere, silk, cotton and ultra-soft and super light wool fabrics up to 11.2 microns, and some high tech fabrics for an evening and special events. Our baby cashmere fabric comes from the first shearing of a baby goat. Using selected long fibers and processing with sophisticated weaving theology makes Ferruccio Milanesi exclusive materials noticeable light and smooth. They are enjoyable on touching and wearing. We are processing hundreds of exclusive fabrics by using prime-quality wool long fibers in a wide variety of patterns and colors like herringbone, plaid, windowpane, pinstripe, and plain fabrics lightest as 11.2 microns.

A proper wardrobe begins from purchasing the right products. It is not happening with the actual retail market because of the limited time of salespeople allocating for each customer and their interest in selling the products, not consulting and giving the right advice. Ferruccio Milanesi is proudly serving every customer one-on-one, consulting them in depth before selling any product. Every product purchased should have its history behind it and must work in harmony with all other existing clothing and accessories in the current wardrobe.

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