Custom-tailored suits and accessories are an option for someone who wants to have something different then what is in Ready to wear market. Unfortunately, most of the suit wearers confusing The custom made option with the Bespoke. Custom made suiting on Ferruccio Milanesi allows you to have the option to choose the fabrics, styles, the lining, buttons as well as craftsmanship, You can select one of following options:

  • Entirely hand-craftsmanship construction, which we are using in our Bespoke suiting
  • Semi-handcrafted construction, making over 50% of the suit by hand and rest by Machine.
  • The suit entirely made by Machine, which is a more economical option.

Our master tailor and men's body shape expert together with a stylist will consult you for the best possible advice for your wardrobe. Of course, your job, income, social life, health, and carrier level plays a crucial role in choosing the best suit option for your wardrobe to be an investment for a last. All products are crafted proudly by master tailors with love and passion in our ateliers in Naples, Calabria, and Vancouver.