How to keep your suits and jackets in good shape during the lockdown period?

Unfortunately, the Pandemic forced most of the professionals to work from home for over 15 months. During this period, suits were not used and sit in the wardrobe. During the lockdown, I will explain what is happening to your clothing, especially for your suit jacket. We need to know suit jacket construction and structure and understand what happened to your suit jacket when you were not wearing them.
We have three types of suit constructions:

1) Fused based jacket construction

It is the cheapest and simplest suit construction for all low-end suits makers, including online custom-made suits suppliers. They are using paper fused to the backside of the jacket fabrics on the entire chest, lapels and collar. This future gives a short time sharp look and stable look, and these type suits are not suitable for professionals, it is good for occasionally used only.
If you own one of these glue-based suits jacket in your wardrobe, there is a big chance it is compromised by now because glue loses its ability during this period. When you start to wear it again, you will observe the suit lost its stable form and shape. Also, visible wrinkles on the chest part of the jacket will appear, which will have poor visual flow.

2) Semi canvased suit construction

This type of construction has the chest part of the jacket raping with the Canvas up to half of the front side of the jacket and is a second layer and will stay between lining and jacket fabrics. This type of construction is medium quality and has a little higher price than a fused suit.
It is not favourable suit construction for the professionals who wear suits every day. Most designers suits made in this category

3) Fully canvased suit jacket construction

It is the proper construction and made full-length canvasing from the collar to the bottom.
Luxury designers using this type of construction.

4) Fully canvased, but all components crafted by Hand

And formed to the anatomic body shape, canvases parts are hand-basted with tens of thousands of hand stitches. It is the best-suited option for professionals.
Sartorial-Designers and men’s styling house using this type of construction, such as Kiton, Ferruccio Milanesi, Cesare Attolini…
Most of the professionals have designers ready-to-wear suits in their wardrobes. Over 95% of these suits are machine-made. That makes it challenging to maintain these suits during the lockdown if we do not do the following actions:
– A machine-made suit has a lockstitch, and You should wear it for at least 1-2 hours a week to maintain your body shape. Otherwise, if you wear it after several months or a year, it will stay in the contracted position of the fabric’s structure. If you wear it after several months, you will feel very tight. Also, if you gain little weight, it will force the jacket and deform its shape because of the lockstitch of the machine-made suit, and you will not like the jacket because it distorts from the original condition. The lockstitch will not allow after expansion to be a retraction.
– The handmade suit has the flexibility of contraction and expansion, which other suit construction can not offer this option. For that reason, Handmade suits are for last long and payback with milage, look, comfort and flexibility.
– Air circulation is crucial. It would help if you allowed everyday few hours to be air circulation of your wardrobe
– A right hanger is necessary, preferable wooden hanger in a proper size.
– Do not keep your suits or jackets in plastic suit-cover.
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