Why should you investing in goodyear welted shoes

Goodyear welted shoes were first launched in 1869 with the goal of producing long-lasting pairs of shoes that could be readily resoled and recrafted to extend the life of a single pair. High-quality shoes are created from the highest-quality leather, and a pair of Goodyear welted pair shoes can be recrafted three to four times with moderate use.

What is the construction of Men’s Goodyear welted shoes?

A strip of leather is stitched to the upper of the shoe, leaving a welt on which the sole is subsequently stitched. As a result, a gap between the insole and the outsole is filled with a cork mixture, which is then sandwiched between the two leather soles.
This kind of shoe production allows for easy resoles as well as a cork filling that is moulded to the wearer’s specific foot shape. We’ve included a small graphic to show how our shoes are made. The upper is sewn with a piece of leather called the welt. Over the insole, a cork filling is applied. The welt is sewn to the outsole.

How can I tell the difference between a Goodyear welted and a Blake construction shoes?

Blake stitched shoes are rarely resoled because the process is substantially more time consuming than resoling Goodyear welted shoes. You can feel the stitching of every Blake shoe on the insole by putting your hand inside the shoe. Goodyear welted shoes contain approximately 150 steps in the production process, whereas Blake stitched shoes have approximately 50 steps.

What is the definition of a closed channel?

The channel in Goodyear welted shoes is a short trench where the stitching connects the sole and welt. The stitching on the sole would be seen if the channel was not closed. Carmina creates a leather flap under which the sole is attached to the welt by cutting into the sole. This flap is then squeezed shut to hide the stitching on the inside of the sole. Closed channel shoes offer a more formal appearance and require more attention to detail.

The Goodyear Welt construction style has a number of advantages that your regular pair does not. Their durability is unrivalled, as the soles may be re-stitched at a relatively low cost later in the product’s lifecycle to breathe new life into them.

Because there are no little holes leading to the inside of the shoe, the layers between your feet and the ground give support and comfort, while the special stitching provides water resistance. The stitching is often felt underfoot, which differs from the Blake construction. Another advantage is that the cork filling will mould to your feet with time, resulting in a more secure and pleasant fit.

The upper must be constructed of high-quality leather in order for the stitching to be as close to the material’s edge as possible. This implies that when you buy Goodyear Welted shoes, you can nearly always be sure that you’re getting a well-made, high-quality product.

This article was not written to disparage one shoe style or to claim that one is superior than the other. It all depends on your requirements. However, I believe that in many cases, a Goodyear welt has distinct advantages. When it comes to the best men’s shoes, it’s one of the most important indicators of quality.

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