Sartorial ready-to-wear is clothing and accessories made by master tailors entirely by hand, using the same Neapolitan traditional craftsmanship and artisanal work, which they are using for making Bespoke suiting and accessories. 

Ferruccio Milanesi master tailors successfully implemented Neapolitan soft shoulder construction to the Sartorial ready-to-wear as well by using unique and innovative cut and patterns. This is essential development because no more customers need to wait six months to one year to book an appointment and going into the bespoke processing.

Here are some of the essential characteristics of the Ferruccio Milanesi sartorial ready to wear:

THE UNIQUENESS OF THE SUITING, Each product is different, cut it and formed uniquely with mastery of handcraftsmanship and Neapolitan traditional artistry construction.

EXCLUSIVE FABRICS: Ferruccio Milanesi using exclusive fabrics in a limited quantity to create a unique suit. These fabrics are made in-house with the highest quality exclusive fibers and yarn. We manufacture different materials for each customer just about 4 meters to make one suit only. But for Sartorial Ready to Wear, we are usually manufacturing up to six suits only. Ferruccio Milanesi DNA builds on exclusivity and uniqueness.

LIMITED EDITION: Ferruccio Milanesi believes in exclusivity. For that reason, our sartorial ready-to-wear products are limited edition and manufacturing up to six suits and jackets from the same fabrics worldwide. But all of our accessories manufacturing one piece only.

ONE-ON-ONE CUSTOMER SERVICE: Master tailor, men's body shape advisor, and style advisor serving you.

PRECISE MEASUREMENT: Ferruccio Milanesi tailors trained to take individuals measurements in millimetres, not in inches. Our tailors still consider the Neapolitan traditional body shape measurement techniques as well to achieve a perfect fit.

ONE OF A KIND ACCESSORIES: Ferruccio Milanesi accessories are unique and make one piece only, hand-painted and handcrafted individually, like belts, ties, pocket squares, etc.

GOODYEAR WELTED (HANDMADE) SHOES: Ferruccio Milanesi shoemakers till using the traditional handmade "Goodyear welted" construction and technique to build their shoes to be for last.

WARDROBE BUILDING TECHNIQUES: All of Ferruccio Milanesi's customers are benefiting from one-on-one customer service. Spending quite some time together with master tailor and style experts during shopping, experts train the technique of building the proper wardrobe and creating a blueprint of the individual's wardrobe, representing the Gentleman's personality.

MAINTENANCE SERVICES: The concept offers lifetime maintenance for all accessories, once every three months for shoes, wallets, and belts. Will treated and polished professionally lifetime and limited service for the hemming for clothing.


Welcome to Ferruccio Milanesi Sartorial house. We are providing the unique personalized service dedicated to satisfying the world's most successful Gentlemen. Ferruccio Milanesi Neapolitan crafted bespoke service offers exclusivity and is tailored to your exact requirements.

CONSULTATION It all starts with a meeting in one-on-one in a pleasant atmosphere for an in-depth consultation. During your suit design consultation, you'll get expert feedback from our master's tailors, stylists, and body shape experts on how you might want to design your suit, features, accessories, and other components. We consider all of your unique requirements and spend a substantial amount of time learning about your needs, body shape and behaviours, job and activity, travelling, and style preferences.

EXCLUSIVE FABRICS Exclusive fabrics always have been fundamental to the Neapolitan bespoke tradition. Ferruccio Milanesi manufactures each fabric style in a limited quantity to create one to six suits worldwide. Developing unique fabrics requires a superfine cashmere and excellent wool fiber like vicuna wool, developing up to 11.2-micron fabrics in-house utilizing the most sophisticated woven techniques. Hundreds of exclusive and precious materials from windowpane to pinstripe and glen plaid are available in a wide variety of patterns and colors.

CREATING A UNIQUE STYLE After deciding on fabric, it is time to develop your unique style and the details of the garment. Ferruccio Milanesi's expert is choosing the particulars which represent your personality and lifestyle. It is fundamental to decide on your suit style, Jacket's shoulder & lapel style, shape and size, vents positioning and length, buttonhole shape, and size. After choosing and forming your unique style, it is time to transpose your data into fabrics or draw on paper, which will be your exclusive pattern.

BODY MEASUREMENT To create a perfect suit need precise measurements. Our body shape expert and tailor still using the Neapolitan traditional way to take body size and shape measurements. This process will take about 2 hours. During this stage, our wardrobe expert explains the anatomy of the suit, type of construction, your body type and shape, wardrobe building techniques, purchasing fundamentals, and the relation between each piece of your wardrobe contents and maintenance. training how to build a proper wardrobe and using it with maximum efficiency

TAILORING PROCESS Once the suit's design has been decided, with the aid of chalk, the suit's lines are drawn out and then move on to the delicate cutting and stitching stage. The fabric is cut and begin the structure of Neapolitan hand-basted canvasing. The Jacket build around a full floating special canvas—components of the Jacket such as lapels, collars, and chest part of the canvas stitching meticulously in multi-direction and forming the elements to the body shape by using special stitching and ironing techniques.

FITTING AND DELIVERY One to three fittings may require the bespoke suit and Jacket and will take six months for final fitting and delivery. Each of Ferruccio Milanesi's bespoke suit demand over 45-60 hours of mastery artwork. Our bespoke tailoring service is available for Suits, jackets, shirts, shoes and accessories.


USTOM MADE TO MEASURE Custom-tailored suits and accessories are an option for someone who wants to have something different then what is in Ready to wear market. Unfortunately, most of the suit wearers confusing The custom made option with the Bespoke.

Custom made suiting on Ferruccio Milanesi allows you to have the option to choose the fabrics, styles, the lining, buttons as well as craftsmanship, You can select one fo following options:

Entirely hand-craftsmanship construction, which we are using in our Bespoke suiting Semi-handcrafted construction, making over 50% of the suit by hand and rest by Machine. The suit entirely made by Machine, which is a more economical option.

Our master tailor and men's body shape expert together with a stylist will consult you for the best possible advice for your wardrobe. Of course, your job, income, social life, health, and carrier level plays a crucial role in choosing the best suit option for your wardrobe to be an investment for a last.

All products are crafted proudly by master tailors with love and passion in our ateliers in Naples, Calabria, and Vancouver.


Ferruccio Milanesi experts specialized in creating an individual's unique style and bespoke wardrobe. During the first consultation, Ferruccio Milanesi's master tailor and men's body shape expert and stylist identify a clear pattern of the Gentleman based on his job, activity, social life, income, health, body shape, body behaviours and climate. Based on the outcome, experts decide on the type, size, quality, and quantity level of the wardrobe contents. This information will constitute the Blueprint of the individuals. In the main while, Ferruccio Milanesi experts evaluating customers existing wardrobe and migrating all right products into newly created wardrobe continents and creating a database of the products to have complete control over his wardrobe. This way, we can manage every new purchase to be in our guideline" Blueprint."


Based on data collected from over 4000 customers shows, most professionals buy the clothing and accessories for their wardrobe without having a clear plan behind their purchases. We find it extremely useful to educate our customers to build their wardrobe professionally, avoid purchasing the wrong products, reduce the wardrobe cost, and have a proper fit with a unique and high-quality product.

Ferruccio Milanesi experts pays excellent attention to the in-depth consultation, our stylist, master tailor, and men's body shape expert meeting in one-on-one with customers and going true every detail and explaining all necessary information such as fit, garment construction, craftsmanship, and style.

We proudly announce that Our products are not available for sale without consultation online and offline.


Hand craftsmanship

Unique style

Proper fit

Neapolitan shoulder


One on one customer service

Luxury experiences

Tangible value

Lifetime maintenance


More details

Each garment is made entirely by hand in the Ferruccio Milanesi Ateliers in Naples. Over 25,000 brilliant hand-stitches, one stitch at a time, forming the base of the Milanesi unique suits, entirely handcrafted garments by Neapolitan master tailors. Each of these mastery-created suits takes over 50 hours, and one tailor does the work from beginning to the end with passion and love for the best outcome. We use up to 11.2 micron or pure baby cashmere fabrics to realize the masterpiece with a unique value. Ferruccio Milanesi master tailors are dedicated to performing absolute perfection to deliver tangible value for customers.

Creating and identifying the authentic style of an individual is the most crucial step for creating a unique style, proper fit, and functional wardrobe. After an in-depth consultation by Ferruccio Milanesi stylist, master tailor, and men's body shape expert, refine the individual's unique style considering their job, income, social life, and activity.

Exclusive fabrics always have been fundamental to the Neapolitan bespoke tradition. Ferruccio Milanesi manufactures each fabric style in a limited quantity to create a maximum of six suits worldwide. Developing unique fabrics needs superfine cashmere and excellent quality of wool yarn like vicuna wool, developing up to 11.2-micron fabrics utilizing the most sophisticated woven techniques. Hundreds of exclusive and precious fabrics from windowpane to pinstripe and glen plaid are available in a wide variety of patterns and colors.

Vincenzo Attolini created Neapolitan shoulder for the first time in Naples in 1930. He changed the English and French construction suit construction and adapted to the Naples claimed and Italian culture, it was the greatest invention in tailoring history. He named it soft shoulder or Neapolitan shoulder construction, Neapolitan shoulder construction crate more free movement and comfort for the wearer. Ferruccio Milanesi tailors not only using this construction for bespoke suiting also implemented this future for an exclusive sartorial ready to wear as well. The Neapolitan shoulder jacket is soft and lightweight as a shirt, with the unusual shape of the pockets and the very daring boat-shaped breast pocket and patch pocket and Milanese style buttonholes.

The philosophy of Ferruccio Milanesi built on the exclusivity and luxury of the clothing and accessories. We believe exclusive products increases confidence, and confidence drives to self-esteem, and self -esteem is essential for success.

Proper wardrobe starting from purchasing the right products, and this is not happening with the actual retail market because of the lack of the limited time of salespeople allocating for each customer and also their interest in selling the products. Ferruccio Milanesi is proudly serving every customer one-on-one, consulting them in depth before selling any product. Every product purchased should have its history behind and must work in harmony with all other existing clothing and accessories in the current wardrobe.

The luxury experience is not to buy expensive products from the shelves or buy online so-called designer products, which made tons of the same products, and everyone has access to the same products. True luxury is when you see several experts creating unique products for you, beginning from the way meeting you, consulting, planning, creation, and crafting exclusive products. you will start to feel the true luxury products and services

We dedicated to keeping the handcrafts tradition alive for those who appreciate handcrafted artisanal suiting and accessories. We are a big believer in the handmade sartorial tradition because the only way to deliver tangible value.

Ferruccio Milanesi products made to serve wearers for last long, every product construction creating from the best material and mastery craftsmanship even be able to pass the items to the next generation. We are not only teaching every customer in one-on-one how to maintain the products in good shape also every three months our Maintainance team taking care of the sold products to create last long live for every product.

We believe professionals should see the wardrobe as the first place to invest. But investing is not means to purchase clothing and accessories based on Brand name or price. As per Ferruccio Milanesi's wardrobe experts guidelines, wardrobe contents can be considered as a correct investment when: Before buying any products, you should identify their style in the first place. Ask a menswear wardrobe expert to help build the wardrobe contents based on your activity, job, income, and body behaviour, representing your personality. Hire an expert to help you to build your wardrobe blueprint. Purchase from an expert, not from a salesperson. It would be best to focus on craftsmanship and quality, not on the name brand or price.

Hand craftsmanship Unique style Proper fit Neapolitan shoulder Exclusivity One on one customer service Luxury experiences Tangible value Lifetime maintenance investment