Deerskin Brown Handmade lace-up shoes
Deerskin Brown Handmade lace-up shoes 24f 24d 24c 24b Deerskin Brown Handmade lace-up shoes

Deerskin Brown Handmade lace-up shoes

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Deerskin Brown Handmade “Goodyear welted”dress shoes

  • Contemporary style dress shoes
  • Tapered toe
  • Brown
  • Six-eye lace-up front
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Online Inquiries:FM581B7BPK13B03| BR

Ferrucccio Milanesi reputation as a fashion house specialized in exclusive handmade menswear, blending expertise with tradition and modernity. The consistent result has been incomparable comfort and elegance, These techniques and this expertise, initially developed for bespoke Suits & Shirts, were also brought into service for the handmade “Goodyear welted” ready-to-wear shoes and accessories.

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Weight2 kg
Dimensions40 x 30 x 30 cm
Shoes size

40 EU ,7.5 US, 41 EU, 8 US, 42 EU , 9US, 43 EU, 10 US, 44 EU10.5, 45 EU, 11 US)






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  •  Deerskin
  • special treatment for durability and fashion look
  • 100 % Leather (insole, Outsole and upper)
  • Goodyear welted ( handmade shoes using Charles Goodyear welting technique) always was the best choice shoes for Man specially these days  only few shoe makers world wide still using this techniques , you can wear with confident and proud . using hand stitching for welting give more flexibility and movement and durability .As you know machine made shoes because of locking stitch dose not allows any flexibility and movement for wearer , and any pressure from any part of foot modifying the shape of the shoes which will not be comfortable after few weeks or month .
  •  This hand made shoes is very trendy color (   Brown)
  • Best match with Brown grey tone color suits .
  • Also perfect match for  single jacket with slack pant  or semi casual jacket, shirt and jeans ,

It is a traditional construction that’s largely remained unchanged since last 180 years and still requires the skills of the most accomplished artisans due to its complicated hand sewn techniques construction formation.

The quality of goodyear welted shoes lies in the natural materials and traditional workmanship and techniques,

Special hand stitching ‘Goodyear stitching ‘ ensures perfect adherence of the sole, insole, welt and upper so called Solidity of structure.

Goodyear sewing method giving flexibility between sole, welt structure and upper because in this sewing technique shoes are sewing with special hand stitching which is not locked ,In machine stitching techniques all stitches are locked and in any small pressure from any part of the foot during a wearing in long day creating big pressure on upper and outsole and deforming the shape and structure of the shoes .

In a Goodyear welted shoe, sole can be replaced without any damage to the rest of the structure.

Goodyear welted shoes keeps your feet dryer and is more comfortable to walk in

You can customize your shoes choosing any type of leather and color .

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