What is authentic handmade bespoke tailoring?


Understanding bespoke tailoring is the first step to changing how you dress  timeless elegant. Bespoke suits must be handcrafted and build from scratch and fully customized to the milanesi-bespoke-suiting-Top stitchwearer. By choosing fabrics and details of the garments such as suit style, jacket lapel shape, pockets, vents, lining, button and all other personal and exclusive details than transposed onto an exclusive pattern.

Every cut and stitch of a bespoke suit is built around one person’s precise frame. “Made-to-measure” or “custom” suits are cut from a general size pattern and re-adjusted to your size – they are not handmade and most of the time build with simple fussing structure by paper interlining which is the life time of this kind of suits are to first dry clean.


Bespoke suit represents the height of men’s sartorial excellence, Choosing our bespoke tailoring for your next high-end business suit is a wise investment that will pay off from the moment you put it on. A handmade Ferruccio Milanesi suit will immediately command the respect of any room. You will be comfortable, relaxed and confident wearing a remarkable and stunning lightweight Neapolitan Shoulder suit that fits you with a precision unlike anything else.

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