10 Reasons Why You Need a Handmade Suit 2018


10 Reasons Why You Need a Handmade Suit

Nothing compares to the elegance and perfection of a handmade suit. The difference is immediately noticeable whenever you see one; they fit the wearer like a second skin and always light up the room.They aren’t just a step above an off-the-rack suit, they are in a league of their own when it comes to their beauty, fabric quality, fit, features and appearance.
Ask anyone who has purchased a handmade suit, and they’ll tell you how much better they are. From the moment that you put your first handmade suit on and feel how it fits you effortlessly, you’ll know that you’re wearing something truly exceptional.
Below 10 reasons why you should choose a handmade suit for your next purchase:

Reason #1 – A perfect fit

The perfect fit of a handmade suit simply can’t be matched by other options. There is no ready-made pattern used for the suit; your suit is custom created for your specific body shape. The process requires multiple measurements. Every unique nuance of your body is taken into account with the suit’s design to ensure that it fits you like a glove.

Reason #2 – Hand craftsmanship

Every cut and stitch is meticulously performed for a handmade suit. Other suits will have most or all of the suit cut and stitched by a machine. They basically make the whole suit before you purchase it, so it won’t perfectly conform to your body, or it will often be too tight or loose. The hand stitching is particularly important for the curves of the suit, which always conform to you far better than an off-the-rack or other suit.

Reason #3 – Fabric choices

You will have a far greater range of remarkable and exclusive fabric choices which you will be able to see and feel before your suit is made. Choose the finest fabrics such as the luxurious Super 160s up to the ultra-fine Super 220s, 11 to 14 micron fabrics, Cashmere wool, Worsted wool, Vicuna wool, and other hard to find and rare fabrics.

Reason #4 – Remarkable details 

The small intricacies of a handmade suit demonstrate that it is a high-quality garment both from a distance and up close. The small details such as the buttonholes, buttons, linings, padding, and artisanal embroideries are all created by hand — very evidently so when anyone examines your suit up close. It is impressive to see in person.

Reason #5 – Far more comfortable 

You’ll notice how much easier it is to move about with a handmade suit and how soft and comfortable they are. When you need to work for many hours, attend a long business meetings or travel, that comfort goes a long way.

Reason #6 – Choose your specific features 

You get to choose every feature you want for your handmade suit, creating something that is authentically your own, such as the type of buttons, lapel, pant break, vent type, padding, taper, belt loops or side tabs, and anything else. Your tailor will walk you through the process and help you decide on these features based on your fashion preferences, lifestyle, activity level, and other considerations.

Reason #7 – An unrivaled 35+ hour process

The process of creating a handmade suit is detailed and labor intensive. It takes 35 or more hours to perform all the steps to create the suit. You truly get your money’s worth when you invest in one, as a lot of hard work goes into making it ideal for you. A factory produced suit takes just minutes to make — it just doesn’t compare at all.

Reason #8 – Match every accessory 

Because of the fact that you’re creating a suit from scratch, you’ll be able to create a perfect match with accessories including your choice of belt, shoes, wallet, ties, cuff links, pocket squares, and tie clips. You’ll be able to design an incredible matching outfit down to the finest details.

Reason #9 – Show your career dedication

Purchasing a handmade suit is one of the best ways to prove to your peers and bosses that you’re serious about your career. No matter what industry you work in, your bosses will admire your professional demeanor and commitment to both being at your best and looking that way while you’re at work.

Reason #10 – An investment that pays off for many years

Saving up for a handmade suit is well worth the cost because it’s an investment you’ll be able to use for a lifetime. Whether it’s improving your career opportunities, closing your next business deal, or looking great at a networking event, a handmade suit will earn its cost back multiple times by helping you advance in your financial life and presenting you at your absolute best when it matters.

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