Men’s luxury clothing and accessory store in Vancouver

Men’s clothing and accessory store in Vancouver

The world’s most exclusive handmade bespoke master tailors artwork now in Vancouver. Ferruccio Milanesi Launched its new Sartorial Ready to wear concept in Vancouver. The New and unique Concept is designed to serve professionals in one on one, by a master tailor, stylist, and men’s body shape expert. The concept launched for the first time in North America. Ferruccio Milanesi’s new menswear concept is unique because every product created in a unique way for individuals, all products are exclusive and one of a kind. Ferruccio Milanesi offers an entirely handcrafted Neapolitan shoulder bespoke suits and accessories.

High-Quality Menswear, creating in exclusivity for you. The unique handcrafted men’s clothing and accessories make you feel unique. Unique and exclusive sartorial wardrobe increasing your confidence. Confidence is critical for self-esteem and self-esteem, driving you to success — Ferruccio Milanesi bringing Neapolitan master tailors and Neapolitan sartorial culture to you.

Ferruccio Milanesi opened a new location in Vancouver, proudly serving professionals in a neighborhood with one on one customer service and offer following services:
☛ Wardrobe consulting
☛ Styling and mentoring
☛ Bespoke suiting and accessories
☛ Custom made suits
☛ Made to Measure suits
☛ Entirely handmade sartorial ready to wear suiting and accessory.
☛ Theatre costume
☛ Wedding suiting
☛ Custom Wardrobe Building
☛ Private shopping
☛Goodyear Welted shoes


1-604 336 1315 | 1-604 801 6200



Ferruccio Milanesi store in Vancouver is home for:
☛Handcrafted artisanal suiting and accessories
☛Goodyear welted men’s shoes
☛Handmade and Glue-free belts.
☛Unique and hand-painted pocket square and bowties.

Our tailors, stylists, and men’s body shape masters can show you great selections of tailored clothing.

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