Ferruccio Milanesi presents ‘Sartorial Ready to Wear,’ a new concept of Neapolitan traditional and innovative tailoring.

Sartorial Ready to Wear, the new concept of luxury and exclusivity, products created by master tailors, using their traditional craftsmanship, in the same way, making the bespoke suiting and accessories. The new concept of the sartorial tailoring designed to help professionals to build the proper wardrobe with a unique products which represents the individual’s personalities and help them to have an exclusive style.
Here are some of the characteristics of the Sartorial Ready to wear:


THE UNIQUENESS OF THE PRODUCTS:  Each product is making one piece only, and it is unique and different, cut and formed by hand with mastery and traditional artistry work. This way, each product become a masterpiece.

THE NEW NEAPOLITAN SOFT SHOULDER :  The new innovative tailoring future, adapting the Neapolitan shoulder with an innovative cut and sawing technique to the sartorial ready to wear, hand -basted linen and horsetail canvas in Jackets structure to re-shape the Jacket into the body like a second skin, this innovative tailoring technique making Neapolitan shoulder suits accessible for everyone. Sartorial ready to wear is the best possible option for an exceptional men’s silhouette.

Neapolitan shoulder | ferruccio Milanesi | spalla camicia

FORMING AND SHAPING TECHNIQUE:  This innovative future is the most sophisticated part of our handcrafted sartorial tailoring, using the innovative ironing technique with mastery, forming the shoulder, lapels and collar portion of the Jacket into the anatomic shape to create the comfortable movement and harmony between Jacket and body. This way, we eliminate the most shoulder line and collar gap issues which most of the suit wearer-facing this issue in traditional ready to wear products.

EXCLUSIVE FABRICS::  Fabrics made from the finest fibers up to 11.2-micron fibers to develop the most sophisticated structures to create exclusive fabrics for a unique sartorial suit.

Ferruccio Milanesi exclusive

LIMITED EDITION:  In sartorial Ready to wear, we are creating a maximum one to six suits from the same fabrics worldwide, for exclusive wardrobe, we are producing 3.5 meters fabrics for one unique piece suit only.

ONE ON ONE CUSTOMER SERVICE:  Master tailor, men’s body shape expert and style advisor serving you in one on one in our locations or your office as well as a Hotel room.

PRECISE MEASUREMENT:  To achieve a perfect fit, Ferruccio Milanesi tailors trained to take measures in millimeter with special measuring techniques, and this is the most useful measurement technique to meet the unique customer’s expectation.

ONE OF A KIND ACCESSORIES:  All of the accessories make a one-piece only, hand-painted, handcrafted and hand-burnished shoe, belts, ties, pocket squares …

GOODYEAR WELTED SHOES:  We are still using the traditional handmade “Goodyear welted” technique to build the shoes for a last long.

WARDROBE BUILDING TECHNIQUES:  All customers are benefiting of one on one customer service, spending quite some time together with our expert to create their wardrobe blueprint and their unique style and learning wardrobe building techniques, maintenance as well as styling advice.

ferruccio milanesi custom wardrobe

WARDROBE DATABASE:  We are keeping all customers wardrobe products information to generate customers wardrobe database to help them to build their wardrobe with a clear plan behind each new purchases and build step by step their functional wardrobe.

MAINTENANCE SERVICES:  All accessories every three months like shoes and belts will be treated and polished professionally for a lifetime.

STYLE AND SPECIAL EVENT ADVICE: Online and offline seven days a week free advice for all of the customers.

Ferruccio Milanesi Sartorial Ready to wear in Vancouver, bc

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