Ferruccio Milanesi

Sartorial Styling House

Ferruccio Milanesi is a synonym of unique sartorial styling house. Specialized in entirely handmade bespoke, Sartorial ready to wear and custom wardrobe building for professionals who want to wear unique products and feel different. The Sartorial Ready to Wear is the new tailoring concept delivering the same traditional craft as bespoke suiting with one on one customer service.



What differentiates Ferruccio Milanesi sartorial tailoring from others?

  • Using exclusive fabrics made in house, in a small quantity to produce up to six suits from each fabric worldwide, for bespoke wardrobe we are  exclusively providing material for one costume only (Limited Edition)
  • Handmade suiting, Entirely made by hand, over 25,000 brilliant hand stitches, One splendid hand stitch at a time with passion, love, and mastery.
  • Full -length canvasing, hand-basted over 10,000 brilliant hand stitches.
  • “Forming and shaping” technique for each component of the jacket using innovative ironing and forming techniques to create the jacket into the body shape like a second skin.
  • Decorative retro hand stitching on all of the seams
  • Men’s body shape experts involved in creating the jacket
  • One on one customer service
  • Building a wardrobe blueprint for every customer by Milanesi experts team (men’s body shape expert, master tailor, and style advisor)
  • Experienced Master tailors are our best asset. Dozens of master tailors from the South of Italy create the most sophisticated, elegant and exclusive handmade suits. They incorporate Neapolitan traditional and contemporary stitching techniques and craftsmanship to produce remarkable costumes that bring pure bliss to the wearer in the highest level of sartorial excellence.
  • Ferruccio Milanesi jacket is a combination of English and Neapolitan suit construction and French artisan crafts; this makes all differences
  • Exclusive shoulder cut to make shoulder reverted and shifted toward in anatomic position to give to wearing maximum comfort and freedom for movement.
  • High Armscye cut for more free movement
  • The Cigarette shape of the sleeves. The cigarette sleeve came out naturally, reflecting the natural position of the arm.
  • The Skirt Shape, The skirt shape of the jacket is one of the unique detail of the Ferruccio Milanesi suiting. Ferruccio Milanesi tailor’s mystery cutting and forming expertise forming the jacket into the body shape in the form of the skirt and this future adding more value on men’s silhouette look and feel.




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