Common Mistakes Most of Professionals Still Making

Common Mistakes Most of Professionals Still Making

The data will surprise you all!
I had the opportunity to analyze my 30 years of challenges with the professional’s style, fit, body behaviors, and wardrobe building. As per collected data from my meeting in one on one for consulting, bespoke, custom made and ready to wear in North America surprised me in the first place.
1) over 90% confusing bespoke with, custom made, made to measure, tailor-made, and made to order.
2) Over 70% they do not consider wardrobe as an investment
3) Over 30% they do not involve in purchasing the clothing and accessories for their wardrobe.
4) Over 75% relying on designer name, not for quality and craftsmanship.
5) Majority of professionals buying one product at a time without plan and relation between the products.
6) Majority of professionals confusing style with, fit and fashion.
7) Majority of them no have enough information regarding the maintenance of the wardrobe.
8) A significant number of them do not know the importance of carrying the products, having the proper fit and good quality clothing and accessories is not enough, carrying them is a most crucial factor for the gentlemen silhouette and style.
9) Most of them do not know the flaws in their clothing, like collar gaps, lapels gaps, shoulder line issue, divots, right length, Right fit, etc.
10) A significant number of them do not see the report of the usage and cost of the products.
11) Over 95% of professionals before establishing their style, starting building their wardrobe.
12) Majority of the professionals can not describe their wardrobe
13) Majority of professionals do not use their wardrobe with efficiency, mostly using less than 40% of their products.

Cheers! / Justin


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