A bespoke suit is not the best option for everyone

A bespoke suit is not the best option for everyone


I had the opportunity to analyze my 30 years of challenges with the professional’s style, fit, body behaviors, and wardrobe building. As per collected data from my meeting in one on one for consulting, bespoke, custom made and ready to wear in North America surprised me in the first place.

Over 90% confusing bespoke with custom made, made to measure, tailor-made, and made to order.

A bespoke suit is not the best option for everyone

. I am not going to explain what is bespoke. In this article, I will focus on who should be a candidate for a bespoke suit and bespoke wardrobe.
As I said, the majority of professionals still confusing the bespoke with custom made or made to measure suiting. To understand better, I want to explain these terms in a straightforward phrase.

Custom made suit is like someone adjusting your older brother jacket into your size. These suit adjusters mostly are not a tailor, and they are sewing people. If you are lucky and have the symmetric body, in the best scenario, you can get the jacket or suit in your size but will not fit you properly, because the fit is related to body shape. In this case, no one considering your body shape from the body measurement to making the suit. So you were dealing with salespeople and saw people. It Is like you need surgery and instates of the surgeon’s medical assistance and hospital bookkeeping doing your surgery.

Bespoke: the suit making from scratch exclusively for you based on your size, body shape, activity, social, and work dress code, which represents you and your personality. To create a proper and exclusive bespoke suit need experienced tailor, body shape specialist, and stylist.

Who is the right candidate for Bespoke suits and bespoke wardrobe?
1) If you are at the beginning of your carrier, you should start with ready to wear and inexpensive suits, stay away from designer suits, especially luxury ones. The majority of designer suits are machine-made, and no have significant differences with other no-name suits. So Bespoke suits are not for you even you generate high income.
2) A bespoke suit is not the right product for you. If you do not have at least ten suits experiences, can be ready to wear or made to measure.
3) Bespoke wardrobe and the bespoke suit will not be the right choice for you if your learning curve does not achieve its maturity. I mean, you should have enough experience from your wardrobe products to understand followings:

  • All kinds of flaws
  • Right fit, and size
  • Comfort and free movement
  • Fabrics types, and quality
  • Following the relations between millage and cost of your wardrobe contents.

4) Bespoke products are not for those who want to show off.
5) A bespoke suit is not for who has money, but they are not able to carry the bespoke suit. I do not serve potential customers who want to have my services if they are not able or learn to carry my products.
5) The bespoke wardrobe and bespoke products are not for professionals who do not see their wardrobe as the best investment in the first place.
6) Bespoke suiting is the best option for who takes himself in the first place, who believes in exclusivity, uniqueness, and authenticity.
7) Professionals who understand their wardrobe value and benefit in their social and professionals life should choose bespoke suiting and services.
8) Bespoke suiting is perfect for the gentlemen, who achieved his learning curve maturity and became an expert on his fit, comfort, fabrics quality, crafts, and body behaviors.
Cheers / Justin

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